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Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace applies ten common rules of evidence to make the case for Christianity in this completely updated and expanded edition of the apologetic classic that has changed lives around the world.
A proven bestseller, Cold-Case Christianity shows:
How detective skills help us determine the reliability of the Bible
The role evidence plays in the Christian definition of faith
Why the gospel eyewitness accounts demonstrate the historicity of Jesus
*Downloadable content includes: a robust, 410 slide, fully modifiable PowerPoint teaching presentation; Bible inserts illustrating key points from the book; An exclusive 30 session, self-directed case-making video course with over 10 hours of content
One of the most respected apologetic books of our time, Cold-Case Christianity draws on the author’s decades of experience as a cold-case homicide detective and the step-by-step, evidence-based investigative process that led him from atheism to Christianity.
• A Free E-Book Copy of Cold-Case Christianity Updated and Expanded
• The Complete Bonus Package Listed Below
• An exclusive 30 session, self-directed case-making video course with over 10 hours of content
• A robust, 410 slide, fully modifiable PowerPoint teaching presentation
• Bible inserts illustrating key points from the book

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