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Why I Left Christianity and Will Never Return – Patheos

Leaving a faith tradition as deeply rooted and pervasive as Christianity is not a decision made lightly. For many, it is a process fraught with internal conflict, societal pressure, and the fear of eternal repercussions. My journey away from Christianity was long and arduous, involving deep introspection and extensive research. It began in earnest with deconstruction, followed by a foray into inclusionist/universalist theology, a segue to atheism, ultimately leading to […]

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Sorry Christianity Today, You are only making things worse – Patheos

We must be advocates of peace. This means that we recognize that violence will never bring peace.courtesy NYTimes I really enjoyed listening to Mike Cosper’s (Christianity Today) podcast series, “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” I appreciated the way he handled the discussions related to Mark Driscoll’s misconduct at Mars Hill. Cosper’s approach had a pastoral touch, almost as though he understood the experiences of individuals like myself, who […]

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Pulled out of the rabbit hole: Meet the conspiracy theorists who are turning to Christ – Premier Christianity

Premier Christianity uses cookies Read our cookie policy.By Kate Orson2024-03-25T14:27:00+00:00Kate Orson speaks to the converts who are leaving the truther and new age movements behindAn increasing number of people who have followed conspiracy theories are turning to Jesus. That’s a bold claim, but I know it’s true, partly because it happened to me.In 2016, a video popped up on my Facebook feed. In it, a man shared his story of supposedly […]

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I Was a Disenchanted Deadhead Who Found Christ on a Greyhound Bus – ChristianityToday.com

I was born outside the church—very far outside. Neither of my parents were Christians when I was a kid. We were a military family, my dad a Marine, and we bounced around several military bases, mostly in North Carolina. My dad was made of stone, a chiseled, highly decorated Marine who had served in the Vietnam War era. And while he was an excellent Marine, he was better at holding […]

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I Studied Christianity with the Hope of Debunking It – ChristianityToday.com

My upbringing and education were secular, with no serious consideration of religion. Although my family was nominally Anglican and my parents felt obliged to take us to Sunday school and have us christened, my mother told us she did not believe in God’s existence. Stories about arks and miracles seemed like fables for children.As a teenager with a minimal understanding of Scripture, I decided that Christianity was a superstitious and […]

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Christianity Is True, Not Just Helpful – BreakPoint.org

It’s odd how many people these days are coming to appreciate Christianity for everything other than the Lord and Savior at its center. Even figures who don’t exactly believe in Jesus’ claim to be God, like psychologist Jordan Peterson, have made careers out of applying the stories and values found in Scripture to people’s lives. Peterson has even embarked on a teaching series mining the book of Genesis for psychological […]

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Let's untangle Christianity from patriotism and make both of them better – Iowa City Press-Citizen

I’m tired of Christianity’s bad image.I’m tired of Trump and the blindness of MAGA Christians who connect faith with Making America Great.I’m tired of evangelical Christian Nationalists for their insistence that the US will be “blessed” for supporting Israel, even amid Palestinian genocide. (Note that support for Israel as a nation and Netanyahu is different from supporting Jewish people and Jewish faith.)Let’s calmly agree: America is not a Christian nation. […]

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Christianity Shouldn’t Be a Weapon – RELEVANT Magazine

In the law, there is a concept of interpretation where an individual law can be used either as a sword or as a shield. A law is used as a sword when it is weaponized, used to hurt people or denigrate the law itself. Law is used as a shield when it is employed to help people, protect them or fortify the integrity of the law in general. We choose […]

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The Struggle to Hold It Together When a Church Falls Apart – ChristianityToday.com

|I felt a growing knot of dread and distrust in my belly.Beside me, my friend, our church’s associate pastor, spoke low into her cellphone as our taxi whizzed past Seoul’s Han River. Swift waters flowed between green manicured banks. On the other end of the line, I overheard an angry voice describing the latest allegations of sin by our head pastor.As I eavesdropped, I didn’t know about the cascade of […]

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