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Jul. 12—In our local newspaper, there was a long article recently on Europe's empty churches and how they are being converted to new uses.
This disturbs me, because Europe is a forbearer of events that eventually will affect the U.S., and as I look around our country I can see that religion has been taken out of our schools, and the Ten Commandments removed, too.
There is a world view that Christianity is starting to become less popular and people are getting away from worshiping God and Jesus. Some movements condemn Christianity, believing it is no longer necessary to worship our creator.
As Christians, we have a problem because many times we will not stand up for Jesus and God when they are criticized, because we don't want to make a scene. But I notice that the Muslims have very restrictive views, but their views seem to skip persecution. And I refer to the gay movement, because the Quran condemns this lifestyle. Christianity seems to be the only major religion to be persecuted for their beliefs.
We must ask ourselves why God created the mortal, and the answer is to house the soul. It was made in his image in two parts, one-half male and one-half female. Once life ends, the soul returns to God and eventually the two halves of the soul will be reunited. Each half thus has a soul mate. This is God's plan and not my plan.
Robert Morgan
The controversial Westboro Baptist Church, based in Kansas, claimed that Hawaii will be "utterly destroyed" on Sunday.
Johnson, the 2022 Hooters Girl of the Year and four-time Hooters Calendar Girl, has worked at Hooters for six years and has used that time to build her professional and educational portfolio.
ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (Reuters) -Pope Francis said on Sunday that the Catholic Church is open to everyone, including the gay community, and that it has a duty to accompany them on a personal path of spirituality but within the framework of its rules. Francis, speaking to reporters on the plane returning to Rome from Portugal, also said his health was good following surgery for an abdominal hernia in June. Flying back from the World Youth Day Catholic festival in Portugal, the 86-year-old pope appeared in good form as he took questions for about half an hour at his customary freewheeling post-trip press conference while seated at the front of the reporters' section in the rear part of the plane.
Eyewitnesses said they were startled by the sound of strange popping noises around 5 a.m.
The revelation of her identity comes after there was wild speculation that she may not be a real person.
A hidden world of exploitation by men working as "spiritual healers" has been uncovered by the BBC.
A woman who told Action 9 her homeowners association was threatening to take her home if she didn’t pay thousands in fines says she’s giving up her fight and selling her house.
The Australian rapper suggested a sentence that is "not life destroying."
Junaid Saqib, who fled his native Pakistan amid religious persecution in 2016, was recently reunited with his wife and two daughters in Lakeland.
He infiltrated a white supremacist group. Now he's being sued. It's Monday's news.
Sainthood candidate Fulton J. Sheen and famed comedian Sam Kinison linked to former St. Patrick's church in Peoria. The structure collapsed in July 2023.
A YouTube chef has appeared in court accused of chopping up his boyfriend and dumping his head in the sea on a Thai resort island.
Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.
Kimberly Jennings of Greensboro has been charged with two counts of simple assault on a child under 12. Police say Jennings, 62, assaulted two Black children at the Sedgefield Gardens Apartments. She has been arrested and taken to Guilford County Jail.
A group of people who came to defend a Black riverboat worker in Montgomery, Alabama spurred memes about their heroic actions and a now iconic folding chair.
Edgar B. Aberilla went missing in Bellingham while visiting in Burlington, Washington.
Lighting can pack 300 million volts, experts say.
A Houston woman known online as the “Sassy Trucker” who had been stranded in Dubai for months over an altercation at a car rental agency left the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, an advocate for the woman said. Tierra Young Allen, 29, took off on a flight out of the UAE and will transit through the United Kingdom on her way back to the U.S., said Radha Stirling, who runs a for-hire advocacy group long critical of the UAE called Detained in Dubai.
Footage of the incident circulated social media on Sunday as the mayor said those involved would face justice.
Fight began between several white people and one Black man, apparently over dock space reserved for riverboat.


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