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As Americans’ belief in God continues to decline, the number of Chinese Christians is soaring, even in the midst of intense religious persecution. ChinaAid President and founder Bob Fu recently sat down with The Washington Times’ Higher Ground to expose some of the extreme steps that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is taking to “erase Christianity from China,” including crippling fines and imprisonment.
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“Religious freedom is at the worse point that it’s been since… the 1960s,” Mr. Fu explained. “I think the Chinese Church is facing a similar degree of persecution more like its neighboring country North Korea. Despite the persecution, the Chinese Church, especially the independent house churches, are still very strong and continue to grow in the middle of this persecution.”
ChinaAid, an international, Christian non-profit human rights organization that advocates for religious freedom in China, estimates that there are nearly 100 million Christians in China, with many worshiping in underground house churches in an effort to escape CCP control. Currently, the government requires that all churches register with the CCP and pledge their loyalty to Communist leader Xi Jinping. Those that do not and are caught, face harsh penalties and fines.
That’s what happened to Pastor Yang Xibo and his wife, leaders of the Xunsiding Church, which is the largest house church in Xiamen. According to Mr. Fu, the couple was first fined in 2021 for leading their house church without being registered with the Chinese Communist government. The authorities recently doubled the fines to a combined 400,000 yuan (roughly $55,100) in an effort to escalate sanctions against the couple who have been vocal about their refusal to pay.
The escalation follows a growing trend of persecution and censorship, with extreme measures being taken by the CCP to, as Mr. Fu puts it, “erase Christianity from the map of China.” These efforts include a campaign to completely shut down unregistered churches, punish thousands of church leaders, “declare tithes and offerings as financial fraud,” and deny access to the Bible.
Last year, it was revealed that the CCP launched a 10-year plan to re-write the Bible to make it more compatible with Socialism and Communism. One example of the modifications can be found in John 8, where Jesus telling the adulterous woman to “go and sin no more,” is replaced with Jesus stoning the woman to death himself. Talk about a whole new meaning to the popular phrase “What Would Jesus Do?”
And if that’s not enough, Mr. Fu said the CCP is also cracking down on access to the scriptures online, working to block apps and information about the Bible. Anyone who is caught breaking the CCP’s internet firewall faces criminal penalties.
Altogether, China is creating a dystopian nightmare for Christians that must no longer be ignored, especially considering the country’s position as a world power and the threat to Christian lives posed by Communist rule.
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