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Dear publishers and authors,
Each year, Christianity Today honors a set of outstanding books encompassing a variety of subjects and genres. The CT Book Awards will be announced in December at christianitytoday.com. They also will be featured prominently in the January/February 2025 issue of CT and promoted in several CT newsletters. (In addition, publishers will have the opportunity to participate in a marketing promotion organized by CT’s marketing team, complete with site banners and paid Facebook promotion.)
Here are this year’s awards categories:
1. Apologetics/Evangelism
2a. Biblical Studies
2b. Bible and Devotional
3a. Children
3b. Young Adults
4. Christian Living/Spiritual Formation
5. The Church/Pastoral Leadership
6. Culture, Poetry, and the Arts
7. Fiction
8. History/Biography
9. Marriage, Family, and Singleness
10. Missions/The Global Church
11. Politics and Public Life
12a. Theology (popular)
12b. Theology (academic)
*In addition, CT will be naming a Book of the Year, chosen from the entire pool of nominees by a panel of CT editors.
To be eligible for nomination, a book must be published between November 1, 2023 and October 31, 2024. We are looking for scholarly and popular-level works, and everything in between. A diverse panel of scholars, pastors, and other informed readers will evaluate the books.
Authors and publishers can nominate as many books as they wish, and each nominee can be submitted in multiple categories. For larger publishers (those with 50 or more employees), there is a $40 entry fee for each nomination (defined as each title submitted in each category). For smaller publishers (those with fewer than 50 employees), the entry fee is $20 per nomination. And for self-published authors, the entry fee is $10 per nomination.
To enter your nominations, click here to access the submission form. Download the form, fill it out as instructed, and email a copy (along with PDF versions of each nominee) to bookawards@christianitytoday.com. (In the box marked “total submissions,” please indicate the number of nominated books and give an estimate of the resulting nomination fees, based on the payment scale mentioned above. We will verify these totals, and begin sending payment invoices in early July.)
If your book is chosen as one of the four finalists in any category, we will contact you and ask that you send a copy of the book directly to the judges assigned to that category. We will provide mailing addresses for each judge.
The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, July 19, 2024.
Any questions about any aspect of the process? Email us at bookawards@christianitytoday.com.
Thank you!
Christianity Today editors
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