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Opinion | Political Christianity Has Claws – The New York Times

AdvertisementSupported byDavid FrenchBy David FrenchOpinion ColumnistOn Friday, Aug. 18, a man named Travis Ikeguchi shot and killed Laura Ann Carleton in Cedar Glen, Calif. On Monday, the San Bernardino County sheriff Shannon Dicus said, “Investigators determined that prior to the shooting the suspect tore down a Pride, or rainbow, flag […]

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Opinion | America Is Losing Religious Faith – The New York Times

AdvertisementSupported byNicholas KristofBy Nicholas KristofOpinion ColumnistWhile much of the rest of the industrialized world has become more secular over the last half-century, the United States has appeared to be an exception.Politicians still end their speeches with “God bless America.” At least until recently, more Americans believed in the virgin birth […]

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