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Brand Guidelines

Your one-stop shop for OchriO assets, trademarks, and guidelines. Have a read before you get started. And no, it won’t take long.

Our logo is our most recognizable asset. That’s why we’re so protective of it. Take a moment to think about how you apply it and take a read of our Brand Guidelines for examples of how we like you to use it.


Colour Reference - Dark Background

  1. HEX: #C80000 - Blood Red - Beacon
  2. HEX: #FFFFFF - White - Pillar
  3. HEX: #FFFFFF - White - Meta Tag
  4. HEX: #090909 - Charcoal - background

Colour Reference - Light Background

  1. HEX: #C80000 - Blood Red - Beacon
  2. HEX: #090909 - Charcoal - Pillar
  3. HEX: #090909 - Charcoal - Meta Tag
  4. HEX: #FFFFFF - White - background

Legal Disclaimer

By using the OchriO trademarks and resources on this site, you agree to follow the OchriO Trademark Guidelines in our Brand Guidelines — as well as our Terms of Service and all other OchriO rules and policies. If you have any questions, contact us at trademarks‎@ochrio.org

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