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The renowned 26-year-old south African Christian music worshipper, music director, and Gospel minister “Ayanda Ntanzi” comes through with a song that speaks blessing and life titled “Grace Upon Grace“.

Grace Upon Grace Lyrics
You’ve got every reason but you give me Grace upon Grace
You know my beginning and my ending
And everything that I’ve done in between but you still give me grace Grace upon Grace
Some of the things that church don’t know about
Some of the things people don’t know about
But you know and you still give Grace upon Grace
All they see is this wonderful man
All they see is this wonderful child of God but really it’s Grace Grace upon Grace
They don’t know where you took me from all they see is this wonderful minister
but I know its Grace Grace upon Grace
though I speak in tongues
And think I am worthy
I know it is your Grace
I know it is your Grace
Lord, I receive it
And I am grateful for your Grace (Grace upon Grace)
Ii receive it I receive it
Your Grace Lord (Grace upon Grace)